Winter Collection

Introducing my Winter collection. This collection was mostly inspired by early morning drives in the cold weather. September and October is when I see the local canadian geese heading south for the winter. Once every year or so I get the chance to see a flock of snow geese that frequent our surrounding area, and it is a beautiful sight. Usually they have claimed a farm field as their resting place for the day and create a blanket of white, but sometimes I see them in flight. Often I hear people say they don't like winter in our area because it's so dreary and barren. I tend to disagree. While I can't say Winter is my favorite season (I honestly love all the seasons equally), I do hold a special fondness for it. When the bright greens of Spring and Summer and the vibrant reds and oranges of Autumn are done stealing the spotlight, the bare, dark trees show structure. Warm browns and ochres contrast against cold, cloudless blue skies. Bright red cardinals dashing through the branches. My favorite winter view is the blue haze in the mornings and evenings, especially when there is snow on the ground.

For this Winter collection I wanted to use those colors with stark, simple designs to create a quiet but fun way to celebrate winter. These three patterns; Geese, Needled, and Pine Cone were the result. Each pattern is featured in three color schemes.