Why Can't I Be You? Everyday Valentines

Here's a fun fact about me; from age 14 to 18 I was OBSESSED with The Cure. I would spend weeks listening to them non-stop, read every biography I could get my hands on, and spend hours on message boards (on which I met one of my best friends!) devoted to The Cure every day. I would invite my friends over every weekend and force them to watch all their music videos on repeat. Luckily, I had some very forgiving friends, and sometimes they would humor me enough to dress up all stupid and dance along to the ridiculous Why Can't I Be You? video. Now, I've been on the wagon for quite some time and I can go months without listening to Robert's dreamy lyrics and Simon's perfect bass lines, but I still hold a very special place in my heart for this band.

I'm not usually one to celebrate Valentine's day, but it seems you can't escape it lately. So, I decided to create my own take on Valentines. These are everyday Valentines for whoever you fancy, whenever you fancy. Give one out today, give one out tomorrow, give one out on Valentine's day, or give one out in three years. Just show friend or significant other that you care. Doesn't matter how, where or why. You can download these images to share on a Facebook wall or Twitter feed by clicking on them. Or you can download PDFs for printing, cutting, folding, and writing your own sweet notes here: STUCK LIKE GLUE EVERYDAY VALENTINE, RIGHT AS RAIN EVERYDAY VALENTINE, SIMPLY KISSABLE EVERYDAY VALENTINE.