Spring Quilt

This project was more therapeutic than anything.

I, obviously, haven't posted in a while and that's because I had a lot going on this past year. Shortly after I posted my last entry I realized that I was pregnant and I decided to put everything else on hold so I could focus on myself and the little guy. That plan quickly came to a halt when we stumbled upon a house that we fell in love with and decided to move. After all of the boring and annoying bits of buying and selling houses were over and we were finally moved in, I was almost eight months along and in full blown nesting mode. I think "nesting" is a bit different for everyone and for me it was needing a simple sewing project to occupy my time so I felt productive, and to distract myself from spending too much money on decorating a new house. So a king sized quilt it was!

Half of the fabrics I used in this quilt were scraps left over from a mixed media project I did a few years ago (which now, conveniently, looks great hanging in our room, complimenting the quilt). I wanted something simple and modern looking so I went with the ever-versatile half square triangles, arranging them randomly, and minimal straight-lined quilting. I started this project in October and wasn't able to finish it until March because, well, I had a baby! Since it was so close to Spring and basting a king sized quilt with batting was a battle I was not interested in, I went batting-less and dubbed this project a "Spring Quilt."