Slice Seafarer Top


First garment share of 2015! This is my Slice (fog) design printed on Performance Knit. I used the Seafarer Top pattern by Sew Much Ado that I purchased at IndieSew

My initial inspiration for this Slice design was quite simply a slice of wood. I thought about wood slices sitting out in the woods like markers. Marking places where trees once grew, where a memorable event happened, or where someone should meet. I sketched out the wood slice and later decided it looked rather Klimt-esque. So, I rolled with that idea and chose, what I felt were, Klimt-esque color pallets (you can see the other Slice color ways here).

As I was clicking the checkout button while purchasing this fabric I had plans for a very slouchy, flowing top with little form. You know, the type that make you look like a flying squirrel. Plans changed immediately when I found the Seafarer Top pattern. The final garment piece turned out perfectly. It's something I can wear year round, I can dress it up or down, and it's super comfy. 

Obviously, with this kind of fabric pattern one must be aware of where the design falls while cutting and splicing together. Still a novice garment maker, placement planning while sewing is something I've never practiced before. It was always lay it flat, cut it out, sew it up, done - or avoid fabrics that I could not do that with. I guess I'm finally thinking of my garments as a piece of design as well.