Farm Road Collection

Introducing my Farm Road Collection. I'm excited to share these patterns because they are a bit different from my other designs. This collection was originally inspired by a landscape of farm fields covered in snow. It is a view I see on a daily basis and it honestly brightens up my mood every time I see it. During the past winter, while the snow bombarded our area, I was compelled to illustrate this particularly beautiful country side.

I had a lot of fun designing this scapes pattern. When I started, I put in as much detail as possible. I wanted it to reflect the beauty of the view I admire everyday. Nature is complex, and therefore, I wanted my scapes pattern to be complex as well. After many hours of staring, tilting my head back and forth, and being a general doofus, I realized why my results were not reaching my expectations.

What I loved most about my farm field view was the simplicity. The subtle change of a yellow-white to a blue-white. The dark, crisp tree verticals agains the pale sky. The gradual roll of the farm fields contrasting those sharp verticals. So I stripped down my snowscape. I didn't have to show every gnarled branch in every single tree or every sawed off stalk of corn. I had to find a way to represent the separate yet complementary repetitiveness of trees, fields and rolling hills. I had to put patterns inside patterns.

With three very different color ways of this Scapes pattern I decided that they should be the focal points of this collection. Keeping that idea in mind I designed the two simple and geometric complementing patters; Field Dots and Tree Lines.