Play Mat Two Point Oh

Well, here it is, the second attempt at the play mat and I am much happier with this result. The first play mat I whipped together didn't turn out the way I was hoping so I dubbed it a fail.

Made up from mostly fabric found in my stash and therefore mostly "free", I really like this color pallet better than what I picked for the first attempt. It seems this combination of fabrics was just meant to be. I used fleece for the backing, which I found, with the help of our carpet, works well to keep the play mat in place. Some simple, straight-lined quilting and machine binding, as is my new usual, and voila! Baby Dino seems to like it too, although with his new talent of being fully mobile he doesn't seem to spend much time actually on the mat - hence the longer breaks between projects and posts. It's a great toy holder though!