PB&J Lap Quilt Design


  Imagine a quilt made out of PB&J. Sounds delicious and extremely messy! Unfortunately, this design is not for a quilt made out of the old favorite snack. It's a design for a lap quilt made from my Poppies & Bluebells fabric. I had some left over fabric from the Poppy Spin and Bell Wave pillows I made earlier this year and thought they would be perfect for making a lap quilt to keep in the living room. Of course, I always start quilting when it warm. I started my giant fox quilt in May and quilted through one of the hottest summers I can remember. I really should plan better.

This lap quilt design is 42" (107 cm) wide by 60" (152 cm) long and will be the perfect size for snuggling on the couch. I can already tell that Mischa will love it. The image above shows the front side on the left and the back on the right. I was inspired to make this lap quilt design after spending some time (aka way too much time) browsing the Modern Quilt Guild website and clicking link after link until I ended up down a modern and mid-century quilt rabbit hole. You know how that is, right? The border and the gray shapes will be the black and gray polka dot fabric I used on the back of my Bell Wave pillows, but I am unsure of the other solid areas. They will either remain solid colors or be filled with a coordinating calico print found at the local quilt shop. We shall see.

This is a simple lap quilt design and could easily be translated into any size quilt. If you're interested in using this design to create your own quilt feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to send you the design and assembly instructions.