Mokey Princess Quilt

The Monkey King is an independent and rebellious mythological figure from the renown Chinese novel "Journey to West".  He was a monkey born from a stone who acquired supernatural powers through Taoist practices. He rebelled against heaven and earth and travelled on foot to what is today India, the birthplace of Buddhism, to find the Sutra, the Buddhist holy book, and thus credited for a great contribution to the development of Buddhism in China.

The Monkey King and his tale happen to be near and dear to my aunt and uncle who welcomed a little girl into their family this past February. Coupled with the fact that this sweet little girl was born in the Chinese zodiac year of the monkey I though it would be fun to make her a Monkey Princess quilt.

I started this project with a color scheme and this awesome monkey fabric in hand but was a little lost on where to go from there. How fortuitous that I found this beautiful quilt pattern called Go West by Bonjour Quilts! While I'm quite sure the West implied in the quilt pattern title is a very different West from the Monkey King's story I still felt it was meant to be.

The dark purple and magenta-redish fabrics are batiks. While I've always admired them it was my first time using a batik and I really enjoyed how easy they are to work with. As with most of my quilts I used my machine to piece, quilt and bind this 84" by 64" beauty. Perfect for rolling around on now, and covering her throne (aka big kid bed) later.