Make Mights Wave Mood Boards

Hello all! Today I'm trying out a new post series to keep things interesting. Every other week  (or once a month I haven't decided yet) I will be posting my take on mood boards. They'll either be for a particular project I'm working on or just a way to depict my thoughts/feelings that week. My goal is to create "from scratch" mood boards, meaning I'll use all my own original design to create a mood or artistic perspective instead of curating a gallery of other's work. The idea is to make this more of a creative exercise as well as a means to find a creative direction. Kind of a - let's get the juices flowing before jumping in - sort of thing.

This week I'm sharing some mood boards for a secret project I'll tell you more about soon. I'm calling them my Make Mights Wave mood boards. I've never really dealt with mood boards for my own artwork before and so far I've found this little exercise to be quite fun and helpful. I think I may even turn these into a book some day. The quotes I used are to help reinforce the purpose and desired atmosphere of the project I am working on. By reading these quotes over and over during the design process my brain is constantly reminded of my end goal. I find this helpful because my mind tends to wander while my face is buried in design work, especially if I'm listening to music.

So anyway, here is post number one of my mood board series. I'm kind of excited about it. I was thinking if this post series catches on we could throw out some bi-weekly/monthly prompts, each work on our own, and all share our mood boards. How do you all feel about that?