Heart and Geese Quilt

Finally, a new quilt project! It's been five months since I've worked on a quilt! Way too long!

The idea of this quilt has been floating around my mind since last fall and the fabric has been patiently waiting in my stash for almost just as long. Hopefully, assembly of this quilt doesn't take as long! Though, with Baby Dino running and climbing around it seems everything takes longer than expected these days. 

As I sit and write this post, Baby Dino is napping sweetly, Mischa is sniffing around the back yard, and a huge flock of snow geese are circling my neighborhood. They've been honking nonstop since around 8pm last night and, I'm guessing, taking a break on the local pond before heading South before the "harsh winter" the Farmer's Almanac claims we will have shows its face. Seems fitting to be starting my own version of a flying geese quilt while I listen to their chorus of gossip whoosh up off the pond, curve gracefully above our house, and gently land in the adjacent farm fields before returning back to the pond.

The inspiration for my newest quilt design came from this Goose Chase quilt pattern by Mark Lipinski I stumbled across last summer. I love his simple color choices and the two size variations of the "geese" or triangles. It gives a nice modern twist to a typically traditional quilt square design. My layout and color choices are a bit less simplistic because I had sweet niece of mine in mind while designing it and I think little girls need lots of color and love in their lives.

Now to make some tea and start prepping the fabric before nap time is up ...