Flowers, Fluffbutt, and a Fail

The past couple weeks I've been spending more time organizing around the house and gardens and less time sewing. I did complete one project, a play mat for Baby Dino, but it was an experiment of sorts that included a bit of trial and error and I'm not completely thrilled with the results. However, I have learned (for the umpteenth time) that my "genius" plans of makeshift assembly in order to create the look without the extra step has turned out rather, well, to put it bluntly, ugly. It is usable and a good replacement for the throw blanket we were using (and I was missing on those chillier mornings) but version 2.0 play mat will be in the works soon.

This is our first Spring and Summer in our house and it's exciting to discover all the beautiful blooms the previous owners planted throughout the yard. Baby Dino, the fluffbutt corgi, Mischa, and I have been especially enjoying spending time outside in the warm weather (finally!) so I'll leave you with some fun floral photos.

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