First Collection Ever: Poppies & Bluebells

Poppies & Bluebells was my first attempt at a "collection" ever. During the planning and drafting stages I had three goals in mind. One: design a red and blue floral so I could make throw pillows for my living room. Two: don't make the collection so matchy-matchy that it looks like a cheater quilt. Three: have fun with it, don't take it too seriously. The results were nothing like envisioned but exactly what I wanted.

This collection consists of three patterns: Poppy Spin, Bell Wave, and Pop Pop. Each pattern is featured in three color schemes.

Poppy Spin was my starting point. I loved the red orange of poppies and thought they would look great on a blue back ground. I added the bluebell outlines to help turn the pattern into more of a dance.

Bell Wave was my way of letting the bluebells shine on their own. I loved their half pointy/half round shape and how I could make them fit together, puzzle-like. The waves became a calmness to offset Poppy Spin's busyness.

Pop pop (yes, I imagine Magnitude from Community saying it every time) was designed with the "go big or go home" mentality. Literally. I wanted a pattern that was much bigger than the other two, to add some dimension. Playing with the ombré effect made these poppies colorful, fun, and I have to admit, my favorite pattern from this collection. Or maybe it was all the Kate Bush that I listened to while designing it?