Fawn Blankie

In just a couple weeks we'll have a new niece or nephew and we're very excited! I couldn't pass up this opportunity to make something super cute. This is the same project idea as the Dino Blankie I made for our son. It's a very quick and simple project that takes 30 minutes to an hour depending on your sewing speed, attention to detail, and available time.

For this particular blanket I used a yard of this fawn pattern printed on Spoonflower's performance knit, a yard of a simple patterned flannel, and a package of Wright's Satin binding. I started by using a washable spray adhesive to baste the two pre-washed fabrics, wrong sides together. I made sure to iron the flannel both before and during the basting to lessen the possibility of wrinkles. I find that the performance knit rarely needs to be ironed, but it's important to take care not to stretch the knit while attaching and smoothing it out.

After basting, I stitched the fabrics together just a few times (about 5-10 inches apart) so that after use and multiple washes they won't separate. I used the flannel pattern on the back as a guide for the stitches so they could be as inconspicuous as possible (you can see the stitches in the last photo for reference). Once the fabrics were sewn together I trimmed the edges to make straight sides and 90 degree angles, and used the satin binding to cover the edges, just as you would bind a quilt. I chose to machine bind this blanket, and used a straight stitch to do so, but a decorative stitch could be used as well.

I can't wait to meet the new little one and I hope he or she will enjoy this blankie as much as our Baby Dino loves his.