Dino Blankie

Our son has earned the nick name "Baby Dino" for a few reasons, one being his knack for producing some very prehistoric sounding squeals and screams when he is excited. Loudness levels range from pterodactyl attacking your face to adorable tiny whisper-squeaks (think Littlefoot's hatching scene from The Land Before Time). Since Baby Dino likes to play with blankets and enjoys testing out the textures of my fabric stash I thought a baby dino blankie would be appropriate. 

This was an easy project that only took about forty minutes - conveniently just about the length of his nap that day! I used a yard of this dino fabric printed on performance knit, a yard of black and white polka dot flannel for the reverse side, and a pack of Wrights satin blanket binding. Baby Dino loves the softness of the flannel and the cool smoothness of the satin and knit so it's quickly become a favorite of his (and when I say his, I obviously mean mine, because, c'mon, he's a baby). Who knows, maybe this will become his security blanket someday? *wishful thinking*