Baby's Favorite Blankie


Almost a year ago, when my son was 3 or 4 months old, I designed and assembled a baby blanket for my first time. I was compelled to make this blanket for a few reasons, one being I wanted my son to have something unique and handmade from me that would hopefully bring him comfort. A lot of my family members and peers grew up with security blankets or something similar that they enjoyed snuggling with, or tickling a hand, foot, or cheek with as they fell asleep. I liked the idea of being able to create and provide that for my son. Keeping in mind that every child is different, and that I wasn't sure what texture my son would someday prefer, I wanted to use a variety of fabrics. What I was sure of was my baby ran on the warmer side and if he got too hot he got mad!

A couple of years ago I used Spoonflower's Performance Knit to make some scarves and I found that the fabric provided warmth and was a comfortable weight but its smooth, shiny surface still felt cool and refreshing to the touch. I thought this would be perfect for my extra warm blooded Baby Dino so he could still snuggle with his favorite blankie while he was hot. I also found that the performance knit has moisture management and washes beautifully in the machine. Win win! The choice of a flannel backing and satin binding came as an instinct and I later was told that my great-grandmother used to make flannel blankets with satin binding for all her grandchildren. Great minds think alike!

The last (and maybe most obvious) reason for wanting to make this blanket was aesthetics. There are literally millions of adorable baby blankets on the market right now, but of the hundreds I was able to look through none were exactly what I was looking for. Sewing a blanket myself gave me the freedom to use patterns I loved. While my first few prototypes (see above) were made with other designer's fabric, I finally decided to try one with my own textile design and I loved the result. These first Baby's Favorite Blankies, as I have dubbed them, that I gave as gifts were so well received that I thought I would try my hand at sharing them with all of you. I'm so excited to finally have a shop up and running with lots of Baby's Favorite Blankies ready to go to good homes and to comfort your little ones. Thank you for visiting!