In 2007, I made a book about mobiles and constellations and called it Mights Wave: Don't Turn Off The Lights Just Yet. The idea behind the book was that sometimes you need to force yourself to shed light on your life. You can't just let your thoughts, or yourself, sit in the dark.

In my mind, mights are little thoughts, ideas, wishes, prayers, or feelings. Mights are all those random projects like building a miniature hot air balloon or painting a six foot tall cactus you never got around to. Mights are the memories of running through shopping racks as a child you want to record before you forget. Mights are all those stupid jokes that pop into your head and you need to jot down. Mights are the songs in your dreams you wish you'd remember when you wake up. Mights are your own creations floating in and around your head waiting to become objects you can hold, symbols you can read, or recordings you can share.  

The thing about mights is that they only might become tangible. They are usually fleeting but have the potential to be permanent and great. It's up to you to make that happen and to summon the might to do so.

I've been guilty of sitting in the dark because it's easy. I think everyone is. Sometimes we choose to let ideas pass because they are negative or scary, and that's ok. But so often we let positive, inspiring ideas float away because we're too tired, too busy or unsure.

The goal of Make Mights Wave is to inspire others to breath life into those sparks. Don't let them float away! Let's create more. Let's keep those ideas close and make them shareable. We're living in a time where the resources are available to literally build your own world. I want to encourage you to make your ideas tangible. Draw them, write them, sing them, play them, build them, take them down and build them again. And when you're ready, share them. 


Hello, I'm Anna. I'm a designer and blogger living in rural Pennsylvania with my husband, son,  and our dangerously adorable corgi, Mischa. I like to create patterns and books, find any excuse to use quilting cottons, and sing along to Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins at what others may find to be irritating decibel levels. 

I've always been an escapist of sorts. When I was a kid I dreamed of living in my own world filled only with things I liked. Art supplies, green fields, ponies, trampolines, and club houses galore. No mean kids, scary stories, dark closets, or cleaning up my room.

As a teenager, I covered my bedroom walls, from floor to ceiling, with pictures of the Cure, Kate Bush, Bauhaus, Mucha, Toulouse-Lautrec, Björk, Placebo, Klimt, Van Gough, Schiele, Siouxsie Sioux, Velvet Goldmine, PJ Harvey, and Oscar Wilde quotes. My best friend and I created a fanfic website called Curasia and would write stories about all those listed as well as the almighty David Bowie, demi-god and ruler of all things glam and glitter (may he rest in peace). As far as we were concerned, nothing existed outside of Curasia.

In college, while studying for my BFA, all my work was based on fictional places and alternate dimensions inspired by my childhood favorites like Narnia and Wonderland. Of course, the older I got the more I learned that escapism isn't always healthy and with adulthood comes responsibilities in order to survive. But it was important for me to find a happy medium. 

I'm here, in this nook of the Internet, to build my own little world. I'm here to share my textile design, books, sewing projects, quilt designs, drawings, paintings, embroideries and stupid jokes; my favorite music, movies, people, books and whatever else I'm obsessed with or inspires me. My hope is that theses things will inspire you to build your own little world as well.